Syracuse was once again host to the annual cycle of classical drama organized by INDA, the National Institute of Ancient Drama.

The ideal setting for a perfect Christmas mood definitely means snow. Soft lights, decorated trees and the pure whiteness of snow covering everything evenly: the perfect picture for the best-loved holiday of children and adults alike. Mountain resorts are a favourite destination to find all this and from the Alps to the Apennines, Italy is certainly not short of interesting offers.

It is not impossible to spend a special day completely different from any other day, especially if we go up the slopes of Mount Etna, setting out from picturesque Zafferana Etnea.

There can be no better setting than the Greek Theatre of Siracusa to relive the atmosphere of the ancient city when.

One of the best places in Sicily to combine the pleasure of travel- ling with a taste for good wine is certainly the south-east. Along roads that once belonged to the Greeks and Romans, one passes through cities and towns of great charm, while sipping the nectar