2008 - 2018 "10 years TNW News" 10 years animated by many different themes of the industrial, real estate, cultural activities, events and sporting success.

Drones, domotics, telephones with facial recognition, self- fastening shoes ..internet of things, bitcoin, litecoin, peercoin. Everything runs fast to be devoured and overcome ... and so on to the next invention. This creative dynamic that on the one hand inebriates and excites the other side risks inflating the system. Inventions that some time ago seemed revolutionary today seem almost trivial.

More and more, intangible assets are gaining more significance in determining the real value of an organization.

Raesearch, study and higher training in the industrial sector in general and in the health sector as well and safety at workplace in particular, are always among the priorities of our company.

In line with this commitment Teamnetwork staff completed the its first aid course BLSD for the use of the AED, providing “the Automated external Defibrillator AED” to the Teamnetwork's organization.

The Driving Jacket 1372 by Opifex is now on sale in the historic London department store Harvey Nichols, while Britalia event.

Britalia is a winter campaign of the famous stores HN hono- ring the best Italian style and culture.