TNW has entrusted the activities of its research and development office to Dr. Pietro Nicotra.

The TNWs R&D office, in collaboration with the University of Catania, leading research institutes such as LEAP scarl in collaboration with the Polytechnic University of Milan and technical experts in the carbon capture field, has implemented and activated many research projects to increase its technological proposals in the mining and building sector. The main objective is to ensure to its customers an increasingly competent collaboration aimed at reducing the impact of their processes on CO2 emissions.

As far as decarbonization is concerned, TNW is developing innovative decarbonisation systems associated with the production of Calcium Oxide in quarries and advanced systems for the capture and subsequent valorization of the CO2 emitted from industrial plants (cement factories, oil & gas, power stations, etc.).

Furthermore focusing on digitalization and transport, TNW is developing an innovative project for the industrial production of eDUMPER, fully electrified machines for working in quarries and mines and managed by advanced remote control systems with the dual objective of reducing the impact on the environment and a significant improvement in safety standards for this type of activities.