2022 is an important year for our company: we will celebrate 70 years in business;  a truly important goal that represents an example and a testimony of professional ability and dedication as well as ethical values.

Teamnetwork is a brand that represents the synthesis of the many years of experience of men and companies specialized in the construction of civil and industrial works and services, in particular in the cement sector, in renewable energy and in the real estate sector.

At the “TEMPO Civic Museum” Via XX Settembre 132 - in Canicattini Bagni, the historical-photographic exhibition Autolinee F.lli Golino e Colomasi was inaugurated. The company F.lli Golino and Colomasi is one of the roots of the history of Teamnetwork.

The crew of Di Stefano Giuffrida driving a 1934 LANCIA Astura Berlina.

Passion is the key that ignites the engine – a passion that began with the story of an Italian family.