Teamnetwork has concluded the renovation and energy efficiency Superbonus 110% works at the GEC block of flats located in Syracuse, a building consisting of 16 residential units.

Opened the first site Superbonus 110%

The cities change their skylines with ambitious and impressive accomplishment architectural, symbol economic hegemony, cultural or national expression of more advance technology and the most daring engineering.

The city of Siracusa, known throughout the world for its history and its art treasures, had, in the 30ies of the last century, an industrial development with some factories and warehouses located in the south part of the harbour. One of these factories was S.P.E.R.O. specialized in the production of vegetable oils and soaps. Those factories and warehouses, once active , were decommissioned and the area looks degradated in a way common to many cities.

Restoration and redevelopment. These are the objectives behind the restoration project for a Syracuse industrial area in disuse and completely abandoned since the middle of the 1950s.