This area is located on the seashore of the Grand Harbour and needs a recovery which, by the way, is included in the city plan. TIME, through its subsidiary SPERO srl, bought several years ago, the former factory and presented a project, named Meetho for the restructuring and transformation of the former factory into a centre of tourist attraction. In front an additional project named Marina di Siracusa should accommodate 450 vessels of various sizes and related services. The two projects have been developed in full compliance with the regulations and employ updated technologies environment and energy friendly In Siracusa, like in many other former industrial sites , it is envisaged the opportunity to bring them back to life according to the needs of a city in line with the times. SPERO srl is engaged in the difficult task of obtaining all the necessary permits for the construction of Meetho and Marina di Siracusa, and , with pleasure, we record in these days a renewed activism of the Municipality, which approved the resumption of work on the completion of a pier that will allow the mooring at the quay in the Great Harbour of Siracusa of two large cruisers. SPERO has obtained the authorization by the City Council for the renovation of the former factory and work will begin as soon as the authorization process for the Marina di Siracusa will be completed. Conditions seem to exist for the authorization process of the two projects reaching the target. A new life could be expected for a degradated part of the city.