In March 2021 Teamnetwork built a new Nitrogen Gas transport line for the inertization of the Dried Sludge Silo installed at the Holcim (Italia) plant in Ternate.

The new high-flow system is aimed at supplying users operating with nitrogen process fluid, ensuring the passage of the process fluid - stored in the cryogenic tank at a temperature of -196 ° C - to the new distribution line.

The entire distribution line was fabricated in LOW CARBON AUSTENITIC STAINLESS STEEL – AISI 304L SHEET 40.
For pipeline sizing, the following aspects were considered to:

- Ensure the required Qmax (maximum flow rate) of 810 m³/h
- Guarantee a constant N2 supply pressure value of around 7-9 bar (measured at the arrival of individual users).
- Determine the maximum fluid velocity, at the required flow rate and pressure, to operate in safe conditions (VN2 ≤ 25 m / s).

The welding for the junction was performed by qualified and certified personnel.
Once the works were completed, the pipeline was tested at a pressure equal to PSx1.43 as per Directive PED CAT 1*.