Among the paradoxes of the unthinkable:
enough with Christmas plum pudding, the British like Tony's bread... despite that Brexit has resulted in “Made in Italy” becoming very expensive... the sales of panettone are up by 56 percent... and resulting in the development of home-grown recipes. And due to the difficulty of pronunciation, Panettone is called Tony's bread in London. As of Christmas 2016, Italy has reached an overwhelming popularity.

Black Friday

An ancient saying indicates: "neither on Friday nor on Tuesday should you get married nor leave nor initiate an activity", and if you also consider that black is the symbol of mourning... how can "Black Friday" have become a day of festive purchases??

Yet, in the era of paradoxes and the web, borrowed from American tradition, Black Friday has become an inevitable appointment for yelling "buy".

And even if everyone or nearly everyone, ignores the origin and significance of it means, the only thing that is important is the temptation of the extraordinary discounts available in stores and online.

And so Black, White, Red from simple primary colors in the era of globalization and the ordinariness of the absurd are only nuances of a variety of possible possibilities.