Child of ..child of whom? Each of us is a potential “child of...”. If the child is able to multiply the traits of his parents, there can be a problem.

The "child of" is almost always considered not up to the talent of his famous parent and the points against him could be the following:

  1. The father / mother was a genius (usually they become heroes when they are very old or very dead).
  2. The past is more credible than the present because we know the outcome.
  3. The “son of” or “daughter of” needs to be given his/her own identity, perhaps based on what he/she is capable of, and not measuring on the talent of his/her famous parent.
  4. It is said that genius always skips a generation, then, according to this logic, the "children of the children of" will surely have more luck.
  5. The general public needs the “child of” without quality to talk about.

Whatever the category.. we all remain “children of...”